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The GWFCRC Annual Hunting Test
Member Master National Retriever Club 
June 13th and 14th.
Prado Dog Training Area

Chino, CA

Watch this page for results and pictures of our annual AKC hunting test. Check out last years hunt test pictures too. This year we were forced to move out test date because of a conflict with the Flat-Coated Retriever National Specialty. We plan to return to the April date next year.

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Richard Trotter, GWFCRC Hunt Test Secretary
4501 Colorado Street. Long Beach, CA. 90814
Phone/Fax (562) 439-8685
Entries Close: 6:00pm Monday June 8th.

The Judges*

  • Master
         Bill Kolstad
         Boyd Ulsh

  • Senior
         Leigh Larsen
         Gene Austin

  • Junior
         Lorna Kolstad
         Jesus Pantoja Jr.

* Pending AKC Approval

Click on Image below for link.

akc7.gif (24561 bytes)  AKC Hunting Tests For Retrievers Regulations & Guidelines

dice.gif (5099 bytes)           The Draw (click one)    Junior       Senior        Master

quest.gif (1662 bytes)Who Qualified? (click one)      Junior       Senior       Master

senior_gallery.JPG (21315 bytes) Pictures of the 1998 test ( 85 second build at 28.8 )

htrunbank.JPG (18640 bytes)  Article and photos of last years Hunting Test. (107 second build at 28.8)

Untitled-8.jpg (18708 bytes)   More pictures from last years Hunting Test (83 secound build at 28.8)

Baseball7.JPG (32648 bytes)   A Handling Drill

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Last Updated 09/24/98