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by Candy Ferner

classcandy.JPG (16563 bytes)Watch out Ellen Cottingham and Bruce Schultz. Bring on Westminster, Crufts, the Specialty. Thanks to Bunky Orton's excellent coaching, we're ready for anything! Well, not quite anything, but we are better handlers than we were before.

Participants included Tammy Wilson and Trevor, Brent Baharie and Kelly, Becky Kunkel and Belle, Adrienne Ayles with Chase & Wolfie, Becky Williams and (loaner dog) Justice,

Sheila Vaughn and Shadow, John Sack and Ozzie, and Jericho and I.

Candy Ferner with Jerico    

Because this was a GWFCRC function, the classes began with lunch, held at the lovely home of Sheila Vaughn and Fred Greve and their daughter Katelyn in Dana Point. Then off to a nearby school for class.

classgroup.JPG (20246 bytes)
L to R Bunky Orton, Candy Ferner, Becky Williams and John Sack

classaj.JPG (17449 bytes)"

The important thing is to have fun" Bunky exhorted, and as the fledgling handlers gained skill and confidence stacking, gaiting and free baiting, we were able to relax and have fun. The first session was a lecture on the basics of dog showing, complete with a demonstration, visual aids and a handout. The second session found us in the ring, with Bunky pointing out our various strengths and weaknesses. I've been to different handling classes before, but never one especially geared for Flat-coats. The help was invaluable. If you weren't able to make it, be sure to come next time the class is offered. See you in the ring!




Adrienne Ayles with Chase


classbrent.JPG (20916 bytes)
Brent Baharie and Kelly, Adrienne Ayles and Chase


classshela.JPG (19666 bytes)
Sheila Vaughn and Shadow

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Last Updated 09/24/98