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Simon Goes to his New Home

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Simon with his new owner, Ann Salazar, in his new crate, which is in his new car. It's a dogs life !!

By Adrienne Ayles

One day in late August 1997, Frank Holbert received a call from a Vet in Pedley, California (near Riverside) and was told that they were about to put down a young male Flat-Coat. The Vet said that this dog had been brought in by the local Humane Society with directions to put the dog down because it was ill. He suspected the dog had the early stages of distemper, although the dog's symptoms were very mild.

Within 45 minutes, Frank was there to see the supposed Flat-Coat. Expecting to see a large mixed breed, like most of the other rescue calls we get, he was very surprised to see what he felt was a 12 to 14 month old male Flat-Coat.

At that point, GWFCRC 911 Rescue went into action and we took responsibility for the dog. Frank gave the Vet authority to start treating the dog, even through the cost seemed high. The next day, Peachie and Bunky Orton went to the Vet's office to render a second opinion on whether the dog was a Flat-Coat. Upon seeing the dog, Peachie and Bunky felt certain that the dog was a Flat-Coat. We all felt that we had no choice but to take responsibility for the dog.

simon.jpg (31705 bytes)The dog had to stay at the vet’s for a week while we figured out how to get the dog released to us. His first week turned out to be very costly for our club. While the dog had made significant improvement in one week, he still needed to be under a Vet's care for at least one more week, so Frank and I went to pick the dog up at the Pedley Vet's Office and took him to the Lincoln Plaza Veterinary Clinic in Riverside,where Bunky works. I decided to name our rescue Flat-Coat "Simon", because every dog needs a name. Simon continued to improve under the care of Dr. Alice and Bunky (Thank you for taking such good care of Simon and being so very reasonable with your fees).

Then it was time to find a temporary home for Simon. Showing no signs of distemper, Simon went to live with Holly Preble, her two girls and Wolfie (Ch Casablanca's Amedeus) for a couple of weeks. During his stay at Holly's house, Simon went to visit Dr. Becky at VetsMart to be neutered (Thank you, Dr. Becky and VetsMart for donating the entire neutering procedure).

Simon was a little out of control at Holly's, so he came to live with Frank and me for house-manner training. Simon fit in very well with my gang, especially with my young male Chase ( 9 months at the time ). "Be afraid, be very afraid of two young male Flat Coats out gofer hunting" said the gofers in my front yard ........and my front yard will never, never be the same again!

After Thanksgiving, Simon went to live with Mike and Becky Kunkel because my house was getting a little crowded with 3 week old puppies running around. While Simon was suppose to be learning house manners at my house, Mike and Becky did a much better job. Simon went on walks with Mike every evening and learned how to be a very good canine citizen during his stay with Mike and Becky. However, he did show Mike and Becky all the naughty things Chase taught him while he was at the Holbert/Ayles house.

In the middle of December, Ann Salazar called about Simon and right after Christmas came to meet Simon. After passing all the tests, Ann decided she wanted to make Simon a part of her family. Two weeks later, Ann came to pick up Simon with her husband Rafael and Simon's new crate, new leash and collar and brand new Red Chevy Blazer. We went over all the directions and signed all the papers and then Simon got in his new crate in his new Blazer and off they went. As Becky, Mike and I waved good bye to Ann, Rafael and Simon that sunny day in January, we choked down a tear or two. Simon wiggled, wagged and licked his way into our hearts and it was a little hard to say good bye. It had been a long expensive journey with Simon over the last few months, but it had been worth it just to see this happy ending and watch a new beginning unfold.

A BIG THANK YOU !   to everyone who helped with Simon or donated to his rescue fund.

simon.JPG (39635 bytes)



Simon enjoying Super Bowl Sunday with his new football scarf and ball. Simon ate the ball....  then the scarf.






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Simon Update by Ann Salazar (April 1998)

Dear Adrienne, Frank, Becky & Mike,

We hope all is well with you. Sorry it took us so long to get back to you. I had written you a letter around the end of January, but never printed it out. Then we had our computer upgraded, and it was out of commission for a while. Now everything I wrote is obsolete, so I’ll start over.

Simon and I have just completed our behavioral training class. Both of us are behaving splendidly, when we feel like it, that is. Seriously, we all worked very hard to get adjusted to each other the first few weeks. Now things are much improved, and Simon is much calmer now and settled in the day to day routine.

Simon got all his shots the first weekend we brought him home. That same week, I went and had him registered with the county. We also gave all of Simon’s medical information to a local veterinarian. Simon enjoys grooming there at the same place every other week. We think it’s because the nice lady there lets Simon lick her face all over and gives him liver flavored treats too.

Simon’s favorite neighbors includes a 6 month old Brittany (Ayla) next door and a one year old, very well trained and friendly Chocolate Labrador (Butch) three doors down. Simon and Butch love to race and retrieve balls, while Ayla runs underfoot, busy chasing after the other two. We live on a cul-de-sac, so there is no through vehicular traffic. It’s a lot of fun to watch the dogs play, and it is great catching up with the neighbors too (we live in a brand new development, and all moved into our homes at around the same time).

Simon’s attention span is quite short, but we learn real quickly that when there’s food around, he is a darn quick learner. He’s learned enough commands by now to behave well, but also ate his share of treats too.



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Last Updated 09/24/98