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Parking Cars at the
Palm Springs Kennel Club


psmorning.JPG (15115 bytes)You are cordially invited to the elegant Polo Grounds in sunny Indio, California, framed by the mountains on one side and the famous Indio date-palms on the other.

Oh, could you get there at 6 a.m.? In the pitch dark? And be ready because we are going to PARK CARS!

Yes, a dedicated group of GWFCRC members answered the call and worked parking at the Palm Springs Kennel Club shows, over the New Years Day weekend, earning the club a grand total of $1800 for our treasury.

On Saturday we all got more than we bargained for: Cars were already lining up when we got to the gate at 6 a.m. and the onslaught of dog-vehicles continued. By 8 a.m. the main lot was nearly at capacity and the show vehicles and spectators kept on coming!

psadrienne.JPG (16188 bytes)After a brief interlude of chaos and despair, a backup lot was opened and we got busy standing in the streets and directing traffic.

Meanwhile, up at the unloading and handicapped section, Peachie lead a team that had to deal with the fact that approximately 90% of the exhibitors have Handicapped placards, and the reserved spaces weren’t going to hold! It was that kind of day...

Somehow we made it through the day, and parked over 1400 cars on the two lots, and every available space on the streets around the polo grounds.

Saturday evening, Roger, Peachie and Adrienne got together to design a battle plan for the next day, complete with lines on the grass, surveyors tape and working walkie-talkies. When Sunday morning came - we were READY!

And things went so smoothly it was hard to believe there had been any problems the day before. Best of all, the kennel club was pleased with our work - they gave us a $300 bonus over the promised $1500 for Richard Trotter’s work at the VIP gate, and ... they asked us to do it again NEXT YEAR!

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Last Updated 09/24/98