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by Karen Sack

Well, our September "FUN" day was just that and much more. In fact, it was a BLAST! Many club members participated in a day filled with friends, food, Flat Coat antics and tough competition for those coveted prizes.

FunDay3.JPG (50510 bytes)

First, the attendees:
Omega’s Take It To The Limit (Breeze) / Kunkel
Omega’s Sterling Belza Ringin (Belle)/ Kunkel/Orton/Ayles
Mike’s Little Wanderer (Gypsy) HONORARY FCR /Kunkel
Casablanca’s Commander Zip (Zippy)/ Liby/Ayles/Goodwin
Pudljumper Spaceman’s Folly (Spiff)/ Jensen/Kerns
Casablanca’s Cimarosa (Cosmo) /Jensen
Omega’s Sterling Bon Bon (Candy)/ Katie Myers
Folly’s Grace Abounds (Gracie)/ Ferner/Messick
Woodland Petersfield Jericho (Jericho) / Ferner/DeBree
Dexmoor’s Noble Remembrance (Remmee) /Gerende/Dexter
Sterling Omega’s Chasin A Dream (Chase) /Orton/Holbert/Ayles
Sterling Omega’s Affirmed (Racer) / Orton/Holbert/Ayles
Heronsfield Hope (Hope) /Ayles/Orton
Goodtime & Alpha’s Wizard Of Oz (Ozzie)/Sack
Quillquest & Alpha’s Xtrordinair (Spring)/Sack/Impey
Omega’s Velvet Vixen (Shadie)/ Beck/Orton
Weybridge’s High Roller (Devin)/ Rodney/Jones
Dexmoor’s Arctic Sun (Reggie)/Keith Edleman
Teddy of CCI (Teddy) HONORARY FCR/Gerende
Quillquest Legend (Hunter)/ Baharie/Ayles/Goodwin
Sterling Omega’s Affection (Kelly)/ Baharie/Ayles/Orton
Raisin’s American Beauty (Grace) / Jennifer Brancato
Marquis’ Almost Blue (Blue) / Jennifer Brancato
CH Dexmoor’s Makers Mark/ Dexter

FunDay5.JPG (55153 bytes)

That’s quite a turnout, huh! And, of course, with all these wonderful animals came their wonderful owners with what else ..... FOOD... FOOD AND MORE FOOD! As we all know, that’s what we do best... cook. It was so nice to see many members for the first time or again after a long absence.

And now the results of the hotly contested games:

FunDay2.JPG (38280 bytes)
APPLE BOBBING - Gracie and Handler Steve


FunDay8.JPG (26030 bytes)



Spiff and Handler Guy Jensen (1st)
Racer and Handler A.J. (2nd)


TEAM - Susan Liby, Candy & Ed Ferner, Jennifer Brancato, Alison Taub







FunDay9.JPG (22165 bytes)

WET T-SHIRT CONTEST TEAM - Guy Jensen & Cosmo, Ed Ferner & Jericho, Shaun Gerende & Remmee, Joe Gerende & Shooter, Brent Baharie & Kelly and Alison Taub & Hope.


FunDay1.JPG (31410 bytes)
The winners of the Obstacle Course and Balderdash games were not available at the time of my report. But, know who you are. Be assured, when I get them, they will be published.
FunDay7.JPG (39808 bytes)

The event was organized and staged by Sarah Messick and Candy Ferner. Great job ladies! Everyone who was there had an absolutely great time. By the way, the WET T-SHIRT CONTEST was not as implied. I’m sure you figured that one out on your own. Specifically, the shirts were not worn by humans....get the picture?

As the saying goes, we’ll have to do this again next year so if you didn’t get a chance to participate this time around, be sure to mark your calendars when the date in ‘98 is set.

My apologies if my report is a bit sketchy, but I was running around trying to cover everything and everyone which was no easy task. We were all so busy having a good time....

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Last Updated 09/24/98