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The Great Western Flat-Coated Retriever Club

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A supporter of the GWFCRC annual Hunting Test. Click on image for link


The Flat-Coated Retriever was developed in England in the Early to mid-1800s as a gun dog. It has maintained its reputation as a versatile retriever over the years and there remains today little or no difference in temperament, intelligence and structure between the Flat-Coats entered in the various events that comprise the sport of dogs.
The Great Western Flat-Coated Retriever Club is made up of owners of much loved pets, persons interested in competing in various areas of the sport of dogs and of breeders of quality Flat- Coats. The membership has in common a love for the Flat- Coat breed and wishes to protect it from the follies of uninformed and uncontrolled breeding practices.  (From the GWFCRC Code of Ethics)

The Great Western Flat-Coated Retriever Club (GWFCRC) is a specialty breed club serving the greater Southern California area. The club includes members in Central and Northern California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

The GWFCRC is a regional affiliate of the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America (FCRSA) which is the official National club for Flat-Coated Retrievers in the US. The FCRSA is a licensed member of the American Kennel Club (AKC  For further information about the GWFCRC contact the Corresponding Secretary. For membership information and membership applications see the How to Join Club page.

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Great Western Flat-Coated Retriever Club Officers for 1998

President: Sarah Messick
Vice-President: Becky Kunkel
Corresponding Secretary: Alison Taub
Treasurer: Richard Trotter
Past President: Adrienne Ayles
Director: Peachie Orton
Director: Candy Ferner
Membership Secretary: Frank Holbert

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