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1999 FCRSA National Specialty
Thursday May 13, 1999

Reba2.jpg (37276 bytes)

Rebastack.jpg (38711 bytes)
Adrienne and Reba (Evensong Jazz Festival) in 9 to 12 bitches.
Poor Reba got dumped. This is the only dog we showed today. 
Click the links below for other Specialty photos from today.


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6-9 month puppy bitch
1-Athercroft Farageaux (Conner, Fippin, Turkelson)
2-Fleetwing Grousemoor Elan (Szostak)
3-Athercroft You Geaux Girl (Conner, Fippin, Turkelson)
4-Oakwoods Diamond in the Ruff (Constable)

9-12 month puppy bitch
1-Echoic Last Dance (Miller, Mathis)
2-Gameskeeper's Buzz on By (Suggars, White)
3-Echoic Lions and Tigers and Bears (Churchill, Mathis)
4-Artic Sun Summer in Denali, CGC (Kitay)

12-18 month puppy bitch
1-Butterblac's Back in Time (Windsor)
2-Blazin's Dressed to Impress (Leigh, McElrath, Buttion, Archambeault)
3-Huntlane Ithica's Grace (Finn, Andrews)
4-Fieldday Devon Dream on (Germaine)

Bred-by-exhibitor bitch
1-Wingmaster's Free Will, JH (Kolasa)
2-Oakwood's Celtic Spirit (Constable)
3-Artic Sun's the Heat is On (Kunz, Pelzer)
4-Fleetwing's Dare to Dream (Howland Zavitz)

American Bred bitch
1-Athercroft Made You Look (Hood, Turkelson)
2-HOB-B The Huntress (Johnson)
3-Light-foot Canberra (McClellan)
4-Longleaf's Sanibel (James)

Open Bitches
1-Twin Oaks Joyeux Noel (Holsinger, Sharpe)
2-Folly's Grace Abounds (Ferner, Messick)
3-Prairielight Card up the Sleeve (Capes)
4-Bertschire's Serena Williams (Cavallo, Holsinger)

Winner's Bitch: Twin Oaks Joyeux Noel (Holsinger, Sharpe)

Reserve WB: Wingmaster's Free Will, JH (Kolasa)

1-Ch. Grousemoor Wish Upon a Star, AX, JH (Szostak)
2-Ch. Grousemoor Raindance, CDX, TDX, JH, NA (Barton)
3-Ch. Quillquest Jem-Fire (LeVeir)
4-Ch. Athercroft Rook at Me (Turkelson, Fippin)

1-Ch. Fancy's Attention Getter, TD, JH, CD (Kane)
2-Ch. Bertschire's One Last Lick, JH (Slavin, Holsinger)
3-Ch. Huntlane's Hakuna Matata, JH (Andrews)
4-Ch. Hardscrabble Shasta, TD, JH, OA (Brackney)

Field Trial Class
1-Ch. Windfall's Energy of Dagobah, SH (Bridges)
2-Amani Wynfield Ace the Hole (Stewart)

Brood Bitch
1-Ch. Fancy's Spice of Life, UD, TDX, OA, NAJ (Kane)
2-Ch. Grousemoor's Wish Upon a Star, AX, JH (Szostak)
3-Ch. Flatford's Major Obsession, JH (White)
4-Ch. Brandybuck's Espirit Du Coeur, CDX, NA (Mathis, Howard)

1-Oakwood's Celtic Spirit & Ch. Oakwood Ghouls Juswanna Hafun, TD, CD (Constable)
2-Ch. Butterblac's Masquerade, CD & Roughrider Autograph Barnunn (Nettle)
3-Ch. Quillquest hen's Born to Win & Ch. Quillquest Xuberance (Impey)
4-Whisperwind's Criminal Mischief & Whisperwind's Nice N' Naughty (Hogan,Conley)

Thanks to Jane Boraczek for giving me these typed results.

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Updated 05/18/99