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1999 FCRSA National Specialty
Saturday May 15, 1999

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The Field Grounds

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1st place Singles A

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Faces in the Crowd
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Singles A
SinglesALand.jpg (149554 bytes) SinglesALandMark.jpg (151649 bytes) SinglesAMarshall.jpg (125681 bytes)

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Singles B
SinglesBJudges.jpg (142799 bytes) SinglesBPeople.jpg (127601 bytes) SinglesPeople.jpg (159801 bytes)

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WC Judges
WCLandJudges.jpg (110277 bytes) WCWaterJudges.jpg (93992 bytes)


Unsteady A:
1st-Windfall's Gore-Tex En Vogue/Will Nuckols
2nd-Grousemoor Jack in the Pulpit/Patti Steele-Scott
3rd-Hardscrabble's Dividend/Bunny James
4th-Brandybuck Esprit du Coeur/Laura Miller
Hob-B the Huntress/Laura Johnson
Victory's Absolute Chaos/Eugene Tucceri
Spectra Sancho Panza/Doug Nelson
Hillbrook Dory of Tidalflats/Cliff Williams
Destiny, Misty Night, Jeremyah/George Smith
Sterling Omega's Affection/Brent Baharie
Oakwood Grousemoor Cold Duck/Kim Holmes
Rainbow Autumn's First Frost/Janet Ciarico
Rock N Fox Light at Juniper/James Greene
Echoic Gathering Wings/Janet Olson
Labrys My High Spirits Banner/ColleenDeVore
Bertschire Lord of the Wings/Penny Leigh

Unsteady B:
1st-Whitland Hy Frequency/Laurie Stewart
2nd-Aheka Smoke In His Eyes/Bill Stephens
3rd-Dexmoors Quixote of Boldwind/David Terry
4th-Light-Foot's Top of the Mark/Megan Robinson
Quillquest Lickety Split/Gillian Impey
Echoic If I Had Wings/Suzanne Mathis
Grousemoors White Diamond in Black/Sandra Pross
Echoic Glad all Over/Mathis
Shadowacres Romanee Conti/Dianne Boyd
Grousemoor Tam Lin at Altair/Neil Goodwin
Woodflat's Weather Tracker/Christine VanByssum

WCX Qualifiers:
Ch Ryvertown's Northern Exposure CD, JH, WC (Panizzoli)
SR Lyric's Kay, JH, WCX, CGC, TDI (Jenkins)
Ch. Windfall's Frequent Flier, CDX, JH (Martin)
Sister Cinnamon Browning, SH, WC (Jamison)
Cliscocha Troubadour (Whitmeyer)
Amani Wynfield Ace the Hole (Stewart)
Ch. Hardscramble Shasta TD, JH, OA, NAJ (Goulding)
Bob-B's Gift from Maecenas (Johnson)
Ch. Dexmoor's Luck Be A Lady, JH, WC (Terry)
Ch. Wingmaster's Wingover Eelman JH (Millikin)
Bertschire's One Last Lick JH, WC (Goulding or Slavin)
Ch. Blazin's Carpe Diem, JH, WC (Borden)
Ch. Hardscrabble Doesn't Miss (Brown)
Blknswt Jael, the Seductress JH, AX, AXJ, WC, OAC, EJC, OGC, CGC (Kitay)

WC Qualifiers
Labrys Majority of One CD, NA, NAC (Farrell)
Ch. Prairielights Venroliquist CD, CGC (Crain)
Ch. Butterblac's Sudden Appearance, CDX, OA (Farrell)
Fieldday Devon Dream On (Germain)
Ch. Fancy's Woth Repeaten, TD, NA (Kane)
SR Lyric's Kay WCX, CGC, TDI (Jenkins)
Ch. Spectra Sancho Panza (Nelson)
Rainbow Autumn's First Frost (Ciarico)
Rock N Fox Light At Juniper (Greene)
Rockyhill's Wingover Zena (Millikin)
Evensong Jazz Festival (Ayles)
Dexmoors Quixote of Boldwind (Terry)
Blazin's Doppelbock (Borden)
Whitland Hy Frequency (Stewart)
Rainbow's Autumn SPlendor (Weidner)
Prairielights Abrakadabra (Berin)
Ch. Shasta Gamble (Brackney)
Ch. Inglis Northern Lights (Barbieri, Millikin)
Ryvertown Dazzling Dayna (Germain)
Echoic Glad all Over (Mathis)
Artic Sun's Hot Tamale (Peterson)
Woodflats Weather Tracker (Vanbysen)
Ch Echoic Gathering Wings (Olson)

Thanks to the following people for helping me with these results;
Monica Stephens
Jane Boraczek

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Updated 05/18/99